Welcome to the Stutzman Ranch Orchard!

Fruit picking is a fun and enjoyable activity.

A few simple rules makes the day go better for everyone.

1. Leave the pets at home. We love animals and especially dogs but our ranch has a multitude of creatures which are living in a carefully balanced harmony and introducing new and strange pets creates havoc.

2. Wear appropriate clothing. You will be entering a country outdoor orchard environment. There will be mud. It could be hot! There will be dust! The wind might be blowing. Be prepared to walk on bumpy uneven ground.

3. Wear closed toed shoes. Do not wear flip flops. There are sticks and dry grass in the orchard that will poke your toes.

4. All unattended kids will be given a free kitten and two
shots of espresso. (not really)
Please keep track of your children. This a big and exciting place for youngsters and they can get easily distracted. Keep them with you at all times.

5. No coolers, no strollers, no tents, blankets, backpacks or large bags in the orchard.

6. Please come early in the day. U-pick hours are 9a.m.-5:30p.m. daily. The U-pick Orchard closes at 5:30p.m. daily.

7. Rainier cherry u-pick on weekends can be very busy. There is often  wait to get into the orchard. We will attempt to post on this site the conditions at the orchard.

2020 U-PICK Prices

    We have an orchard full of fruit. We want people to pick lots and lots of fruit. There is a minimum u-pick purchase required to enter the Stutzman Ranch orchards.
   All persons 12 years and over entering the orchard will be charged the $5.00  u-pick minimum.  A group of four people 12 and over will be expected to pick $20.00 worth of fruit to cover the minimum. But please pick more.

    Pick enough fruit each to cover the five dollar minimum. ie.  Aproximately 2 pounds of Rainiers @ $2.75/lb. or about 8 pounds of apples @ $.65/lb for each person age 12 and over. It is really easy to do.

   Payment is taken at the end of the orchard visit when the fruit  is weighed. If the fruit picked does not add up to $5.00 per person 12 and over then it's just a straight 5 bucks each.
Any questions?

   It is possible to pay the $5 and just go into the orchard and walk in the u-pick area to see the trees and fruit growing. It's worth a fiver if you've never seen these fruits on the trees up close and ripe.

  This rule comes from large groups  wandering in our orchard tasting fruit for an extended time  then coming back to the fruit stand with very little fruit to purchase.
   We are not a park or an all you can eat fruit buffet. We are a fresh fruit store that happens to have the fruit still attached to the tree.

Bing Cherries 1.60/lb
Rainier Cherries 2.75/lb

Peaches  .80/lb.
Nectarines .80/lb

Apples   .70/lb
Pears     .70/lb

Table Grapes  1.49/lb.

Asian Pears & Pluots  $1.49/lb.



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