The 2017 U-pick season will begin with cherries in late June. The Bings cherries will be around the 30th. The Rainer cherries about 7 days later. **IMPORTANT**The exact date will not be known until 2 weeks from actual harvest.

  We will open first in the year for cherries. Our hours will be 9-6 open every day. The Cherries have not bloomed yet and therefore we have no way to anticipate exact harvest dates. Watch the website. We post when we know what the harvest dates will be. However, this year is later than average and Bing cherries will be starting after the 25th of June for sure, with Rainers 7 days later, then other varieties of fruit. I think you could look at last years schedule and add about two weeks.




2016 U-pick Schedule

   This is my best guess as to when these varieties will be ready for u-pick. It is probably wrong. The weather,seasonal variation, crop load, and tree age all play a part in when a fruit ripens. Keep watching this website for the most up to date information.

         Bings-------------------------------June 11th-----OUT FOR THE 2016 SEASON
         Rainiers----------------------------June 17th-----Out for the 2016 Season
   Early Red Haven Peaches--------July 2nd-10th--- Out for the season
   Arctic Glo white fleshed nectarines------------July 2nd-10th --- Out for the season
   Regular Red Haven Peaches------------July 20th- Out for the season
   Freestone canning peaches---- August 3rd-Sept 5th. gone for the season
   Grapes------- August 12th-Spt-10th Gone for the season
    Gala apples-----August 10th-Sept.3rd. u-pick gone for the season
   Bartlett Pears-----August 10th u-pick gone for the season
   Red Gold nectarines-----August 3rd. Gone for the season
   Fuji and Golden Delicious -------- Sept. 1st. Gone for the season

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