U-pick and Fruit stand season is nearly here!! Coral Champagne cherries begin U-pick June 18th. Bing Cherry U-pick will start June 22nd and the Rainier Cherry U-pick will start July 2nd. Many people ask, is there a time when we can pick both Rainier and Bing cherries? Usually yes, there is an overlap where both are available. But there is no guarantee. It all depends on how many people come and pick. Please read the U-pick Information page. Since Covid we have had to make some changes.

We want the fruit you pick to be the best!

U-pick hrs daily 9-5:30 if fruit available.

Open 4th of July and Labor Day.


Coral Champagne Cherry U-pick begins June 18th

Bing Cherry U-pick begins June 22nd.

Rainier Cherry U-pick begins July 2nd.

Remember the weekends are very busy. Come during the week for a more relaxed U-pick experience.

U-pick approximate timings.
These dates may change. This is our best guess. Fruit availability varies daily depending on how many people come and pick!

2020 U-pick Schedule (Last Year) 
this year (2021) timing for fruit seems close to last year.

Cherries------Late June - Early July

Regular Red Haven Peaches-----July 24th- 
Red Globe Peaches. Aug. 13th. 
Elberta Peaches August 28th
Hale Peaches August 28th
Gala apples---August 20th. 
Red Gold Nectarines---August 20th
Pluots - September 5th



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