Another early Cherry season is getting near. Anticipated 1st weekend for picking Bing cherries is June 11th-12th. First day for Rainier cherries will be aproximately 7 days later June 18-19th.Weather may change theses dates 4-5 days either direction. Keep watching this site as we get closer.

Bing cherries may 15th 2016


Rainer cherries picture taken May 15, 2016

2016 U-pick Schedule

   This is my best guess as to when these varieties will be ready for u-pick. It is probably wrong. The weather,seasonal variation, crop load, and tree age all play a part in when a fruit ripens. Keep watching this website for the most up to date information.

   Early Red Haven Peaches--------July 11th-16th
   Arctic Glo white fleshed nectarines------------July 11th-16th
   Regular Red Haven Peaches------------July 29th
   Freestone canning peaches----  August 12th for Red Globe then later for Hale, Elberta and Angelus
   Grapes--------Late August---September
    Gala apples------August 15th
   Bartlett Pears-----August 15th
   Red Gold nectarines-----August 12th
   Fuji apples-----------September 10th

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