Closed for the 2020 Season. Thank you to all of our friends and customers for making this season the best it could be!!

We want the fruit you pick to be the best!

U-pick approximate timings.
These dates may change. This is our best guess. Fruit availability varies daily depending on how many people come and pick!
Cherries------Gone for the season

Regular Red Haven Peaches-----July 24th- Gone for season.
Red Globe Peaches. Aug. 13th. Gone for the season.
Elberta Peaches August 28th-Gone for the season.
Hale Peaches August 28th-Gone for the season.
Gala apples---August 20th. Gone for the season.
Bartlett Pears----August 20th Gone for the Season.
Red Gold Nectarines---August 20th Gone for the season.
Fuji & Golden Delicious Apples ----September 10th, Gone.
Pluots - September 5th-Gone for the season.
Asian Pears - September 3rd- Gone for the season.

GRAPES...... August 29- Gone for the season.



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