U-pick is gone for the season. Our fruit stand will close October 15th. We will sell from our cooler until then. The Goldens and Fuji were the last variety of fruit to pick for the season.

Pumpkin cannon will shoot Saturday October 8th and again on our last day Ocober 15th at 2:00 pm. We will shoot about five shots during the 2-3pm hour.





2016 U-pick Schedule

   This is my best guess as to when these varieties will be ready for u-pick. It is probably wrong. The weather,seasonal variation, crop load, and tree age all play a part in when a fruit ripens. Keep watching this website for the most up to date information.

         Bings-------------------------------June 11th-----OUT FOR THE 2016 SEASON
         Rainiers----------------------------June 17th-----Out for the 2016 Season
   Early Red Haven Peaches--------July 2nd-10th--- Out for the season
   Arctic Glo white fleshed nectarines------------July 2nd-10th --- Out for the season
   Regular Red Haven Peaches------------July 20th- Out for the season
   Freestone canning peaches----  gone for the season
   Grapes------- Gone for the season
    Gala apples----- u-pick gone for the season
   Bartlett Pears-----u-pick gone for the season
   Red Gold nectarines-----Gone for the season
   Fuji and Golden Delicious --------Gone for the season

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